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You know what sucks for trip planning? TripAdvisor

By on Jul 16, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Now I love TripAdvisor as much as the next traveler, but when you actually get to the PLANNING stage, and would rather SEE cool things rather than just go to hotels and restaurants all the time, it’s HORRIBLE. For Example: What TA Does tell you What they won’t tell you What is it? Hike Surprise! Several day grueling backpacking trip! Where is it? Road, County, State GPS coordinates.  There are dozens of turnoffs, parking areas, they won’t tell you which one, the map is often several miles off. How much does it cost? Nothing Surprise! It costs $100 USD! How long can you spend Nothing Surprise! It’s a 3-5 day trek, not a viewpoint of what’s in the picture. One literally has to spend tons of time with google earth, google maps, GPS software, and all kinds of other documents making their own supplemental data to actually use the good information on Trip Advisory.  If you plow through ALL the user reviews, you can’t even find all of this information sometimes.  Stop off at a point to realize it’s a 3-5 day backpacking trip, that cost $98 to get in.  And it only tells you generally where it is. Some things they literally give you a highway number and “it’s in between these two towns that are an hour apart”  ...

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